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Products : 123\MINI-R-V

for all classic Mini's

123\MINI-R-VThe 123\MINI-R-V is designed with the mini-enthusiast in mind. It is available for the old 'pre-Aplus' Mini, but also for the Aplus engines. ( referred to as : 123\MINI-R-V-A+ )

The unit is layed out in such a way, that static timing can be done on TDC, by means of the built-in LED.

The 16 curves are nicely divided over the spectrum, so that the unit lends itself perfectly for tuning.

The installion manual also offers a comprehensive list, that links a curve-setting to a particular engine.
installation manual


direct. : CCW (topview)
voltage : 4,0-15,0 Volts
range : 500 - 7000 rpm
temperature : -30 to 85 Celsius
coil : stock or High Energy coil
primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
dwell : constant current, fully autom.
time-out : after 1 second current is switched off
spark-bal. : better than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
vacuum : advance starts at 5 inchHg
stops at 14 degr. @ 10 inchHg
gearshift retard > 17 inchHg
max.advance : 45 degr. crankshaft
wiring : red = +6V or +12V, black = '-' coil


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