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Products for Mercedes engines

123\MERCEDES-4-R-V for Mercedes with 4 cyl. engines

123\MERCEDES-4-R-Vthe 123\MERCEDES-4-R-V is designed for the W110, W115 and W123 engines, in the Mercedes :

- 190C
- 200
- 220
- 220US
- 230

Next to the standard-curves, it offers optimised advance-curves for driving on LPG or E85, the new Bio-Ethanol-fuel of the future.

For cars with Bosch 'D-jetronic' injection-systems, order the 123\MERCEDES-4-R-V-IE.

123\MERCEDES-6-R-V for Mercedes with 6 cyl. engines

The 123\MERCEDES-6-R-V is designed for W108, W109, W110, W111, W112, W113, W114, W123 and W130 6-cyl. engines, in the Mercedes :

- 220
- 230, 230S, 230SL
- 250, 250SL, 250SE, 250CE,
- 280, 280S, 280SE, 280SL
- 300SE, 300SEL, 300SEb

For engines with Bosch 'D-jetronic' injection-systems : order the 123\MERCEDES-6-R-V-IE.

For other Mercedes' : 123-units can be manufactured on request.


123\MERCEDES-6-R-V-OLD for older 6-cyl. Mercedes

123\MERCEDES-6-R-V-OLDThe 123\MERCEDES-6-R-V-OLD is especially designed for "older" 6-cyl. Mercedes engines.

The unit offers most of the advance-curves asked for by knowledgeable Mercedes restorers, and is therefore usefull for :

- Mercedes 180
- Mercedes 219
- Mercedes 220a, 220S, 220SE
- Mercedes 300, 300b, 300c
- Mercedes 300S, 300Sc
- Mercedes 300SL

a 123|MERCEDES6-R-V-OLD can replace one of these 'Bosch' - distributors :



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