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Products for Citroen engines

123\2CV for 2CV4, 2CV6, DYANE, AMI, Mehari

123\2CVThe '123\2CV' is designed for all 2CV's ( and derivatives ) with a A79/1, M28 or M28/1 engine.

It is a microprocessor controlled device, that replaces all the mechanical parts of the conventional system, like points, cam, and centrifugal weights.

The 123\2CV is designed for the stock ( black! ) coil, and is intended for 12 Volt systems only.

The ease of installation, and the outstanding quality has attracted thousands of happy 2CV-drivers, all over the world.

The main benefits are :

- better starting
- better fuel consumption
- smoother running, better emissions
- more torque ( especially in the lower rev's )
- no maintenance, EVER again

123\DS-A for Citroen ID, DS

123\DS-A is a distributor, specifically targeted for the Citroen ID/DS. It contains all the curves for carbureted ID/DS-engines as originally specified by Citroen, for cars after July 1959.

With a switch you can easily choose the advance-curve that was specified for your engine.

It comes with an angled distributor-cap, for easy access to the sparkplug-leads.
Might you prefer un upright cap, please specify a '123\DS-R'

For ID's until 2/1964 Citroen used a distributor with vacuum-advance. To replace this you should order a '123\DS-R-V'.

ID-19B's from 9-'66 until 9-'68 with 'DV'-engine , and DS19A / DS19MA & ID19FA with 'DY'-engine from '65 to '68 require a different fixation. For these cars we offer a '123\DV-R' with a special mounting bracket.


123\UNI for all 6 & 12Volt 2CV, DYANE, AMI, Mehari

123\UNIThe '123\UNI' is designed for all STANDARD '2CV' engines that were ever produced. The appropriate advance-curve can be selected with a 16 position rotary-switch, behind an opening in the front of the housing. The unit will work on 6 Volt and on 12 Volt systems.

The '123\UNI' is designed to work on '2CV' 9 hp, 375cc, A53, M4, A79/0, M28, A79/1 and M28/1 engines in conjunction with the stock black coil. (6 Volt type for 6 Volt battery, and 12 Volt type for 12 Volt battery) The dwell is automatically adjusted.

Upon installation, the user has to check his engine plate ( "A", "AZ", "AM", "AYA", "AM2", "AYA2", "AK2", "A06/635", "A06/642", "AM2A" or "A06/664" ) and look in the manual which setting of the rotary-switch is appropriate.

There also is a special setting for M28/1-engines running on LPG or on Ethanol, like 'E85' as used in Sweden. ( 'E85' contains 85 percent ethanol, and 15 percent standard fuel )

123\DS-R for Citroen DS, Traction Avant and H-van

the 123\DS-R is essentially the same unit as the 123\DS-A : it contains the same set of 16 advance-curves.

Two curves are dedicated to the Traction-Avant engines, the 'Perfo' and the '11D'.

For the 'H'-van there are two advance-curves too, both for the 'H78'-engine. One of these has a so-called 'rev-limiter', to prevent unwanted engine-damage.

Might you require vacuum-advance : specify a '123\DS-R-V'.


123\DS-IE-R for DS 21 IE and 23 IE (injection electronique)

123\DS-IE-Rthe 123\DS-IE-R is designed to replace the original Bosch ZV11/7 A 3 A distributor, that was used by Citroen in conjunction with the Bosch injection-system.

The 123\DS-IE-R comes in a Bosch-like housing, with a Bosch cap and rotor. Two extra outputs will provide the right signals to the injection-computer.

The unit is factory-set to provide the right advance-curve, for the DS21-ie and the DS23-ie.

Proper advance-curve AND proper working of the injector-outputs, often brings dramatic improvements for fuel-injected DS'es !

123\SIX-R-V for Citroen Traction Avant 15-six (6 cyl 15D engine)

the 123\SIX-R-V is specifically designed with the Traction Avant with 6-cylinder 15D engine in mind.

The ignition works on 6 Volt and on 12 Volt, negative earth, and improves the inherently smooth running of a 6-cyl.-engine even further.

Fantastic torque-improvement is reported, and the 'original-look' of the 123ignition attracts 'SIX'-owners in particular.


123\EVO for 2CV4, 2CV6, DYANE, AMI, Mehari

123\EVOThe '123\EVO' replaces the former 123\BLUE and is a further development. ( 123\EVOLUTIF )

It offers many different advance curves, 5 for tuning with regular fuel, 5 for tuning with LPG/ethanol and 5 'standard'-curves as prescribed by Citroen for ALL two cyl.-engines, inclusive VISA-engines.

The 123\EVO also offers :

- vacuum-advance
- warm-up-advance
- overheat-retard
- spark-balancing
- dwell-balancing
- current-time-out
- idle-speed-control

123\DV-R for Citroen ID/DS with DV engine

the 123\DV-R is essentially the same unit as the 123\DS-A or the 123\DS-R : it contains the same set of 16 advance-curves. The difference is its shape to fit certain "DV" engines, as Citroen produced in 1966 and 1967.
This can easily be seen, by the two M7 - bolts sticking out of the engine, for mounting the distributor. This explains the
different shape of this 123-ignition.

Might you require vacuum-advance : specify a '123\DV-R-V'.


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